A team of Urban Explorers have scaled London’s tallest building – The Shard

Dr Bradley Garrett , a student at the University of London, posted pictures of his ascent with fellow renegade Marc Explo and an anon third man referred to only as ‘Gary’.

The trio say they snuck into the 80 storey complex of offices and penthouses past a single security guard as he ‘watched TV’ one evening last month.

The buildings management deny the claim – and say the snaps date back to 2010 when security was more lax.

The groups extraordinary pictures, posted above, prove they got to the top.

The three men climbed interior staircases until reaching the roof and mounting the crane perched on the roof of the building.

Bradley said after the ascent: “As I climbed up on the counterweight of the crane, I caught my breath.

“It was a combination of the icy wind and the sheer scale of the endeavour that shocked me.

“Marc was looking down at London Bridge station and whispered; “The train lines going into London Bridge look like the Thames, it’s all flow.”

Slowly, I pulled myself to the end of the counter weight and peered over the edge.

“We were so high, I couldn’t see anything moving at street level.

“No buses, no cars, just rows of lights and train lines that looked like converging river systems, a giant urban circuit board.”

The Shard is owned by the Qatar Investment Authority. It is the brainchild of entrepeneur Irvine Sellar, who owns a 20 per-cent stake.

Designed by internationally acclaimed Italian architect Renzo Piano, and now officially the tallest skyscraper in Europe, its offices and penthouses are expected to ‘sell themselves’ to the super-rich for millions.

A spokesman for Sellar Group said: “We believe this is an incident which took place around December 2010.

“We were undertaking both ground and structure works. The breach was discovered very soon afterwards and security immediately tightened.”

“Today we have 14 night-time security guards, 25 CCTV cameras and a ground floor level laser alarm system.”

Bradley and his pals call themselves the ‘London Consolidation Crew’, and are chiefly young professionals looking for alternative thrills.

The Los Angeles born photographer, who now lives in Clapham, South London, said urban exploration was harmless and the College where he got his PhD, Royal Holloway, had awarded his ‘Place Hacking’ website.

The 31 year old explained: “We do it because we love London and we want to see it from a different perspective.

“Urban explorers are interested in going into places that we are not to be supposed to be.

“We don’t break anything or damage property, so we don’t see what the problem is. We are just going in to have a look, that’s all.”

He added: “We are careful when we are in there. This is what we do on our weekends and in our spare time.”

The explorers are currently facing attempts by corporations like BT and Transport for London, whose train lines and underground networks they’ve explored, to have Anti Social Behaviour Orders slapped on them.

Check out Dr Bradley’s website for links to more about urban exploring.

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